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Associate Director and Teaching and Learning Coordinator

For the last eight years I led faculty workshops on teaching approaches, disciplinary styles of teaching, learning assessment, and faculty formation. In my work with faculty, I lead discussion groups about what does and does not work, observe classes, and interview faculty, administrators, and students.

My bachelor’s degree is in physical anthropology from Brown University and I completed a master’s degree at Duke University in anatomy. My doctorate is in the history of medicine and the health sciences from Yale University. My post-doctoral work includes study at the Wellcome Trust in London and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). In both places I focused on the evolution of international health organizations and cooperation in public health. I taught history and ethics in undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of California, Berkeley, Queen’s College (Canada) and Yale University. As well, I taught electives and required courses for medical, nursing, and pharmacy students at UCSF.

My current research and publications focus on faculty formation as well as teaching and learning in professional and undergraduate education. In 2004, I joined the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, contributing to a series of studies on preparation for careers in the law, the clergy, engineering, medicine, and nursing. I worked on the nursing study and co-authored Educating Nurses: A Call for Radical Transformation. Starting in 2010, I embarked on another study designed to evaluate ways of renewing liberal arts education as well as detailing a set of practices to help faculty and students discern their vocation. I am also working with colleagues in Scandinavia and Ireland on a project to document practices for faculty reflection, leadership, and university citizenship.

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Administrative Support Specialist and Program Coordinator

I joined the Center for Faculty Excellence in February 2009. I am an administrative support specialist, responsible for the day-to-day operations of CFE. Meeting planning for CFE staff keeps me very busy. My UNC career started at the School of Public Health’s Office of External Affairs in 2001. I moved away from campus to the Center for School Leadership Development on Friday Center Drive, where I acted as the Information and Communications Specialist for the NC Mathematics and Science Education Network. I earned my MBA at Loyola University in New Orleans after receiving a bachelor’s degree from the University of Southwest Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Lafayette).

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Graduate Student Teaching Consultant

I provide workshops on teaching-related topics, individual consultations and other forms of support and assistance to various groups of UNC instructors and staff, including to graduate teaching assistants and to undergraduate instructors in Carolina Students Taking Academic Responsibility through Teaching (C-START). Additionally, I am a registered nurse, licensed to practice in several states. I teach undergraduates and graduate students as an adjunct assistant professor in the UNC School of Nursing and I facilitate workshops for nurses through the North Carolina Area Health Education Centers. I have interests in all areas of teaching and learning and particular interest in how instructional technology influences student learning processes.

I received my doctorate from UNC’s School of Nursing after completing a dissertation that explored the role of the electronic medical record in the construction of nurse work.  Prior to graduate school, I worked in a variety of nursing roles at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston Salem, N.C.  I completed my master’s degree at the University of South Carolina and my undergraduate degree at Western Carolina University.

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Instructional Consultant

I earned my Master of Science in Information degree with a specialization in library and information services from the University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with an undergraduate minor in mathematics from the University at Buffalo-SUNY. I have taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the University of Washington, The Ohio State University, and the UNC-CH School of Information and Library Science (SILS), where I was recognized with the SILS Outstanding Teacher Award in 2011. Across all the institutions where I have worked as an education developer–the University of Washington, Virginia Commonwealth University, and The Ohio State University–I have consulted with hundreds of faculty members and graduate students interested in enhancing teaching and learning within their disciplines. My present work with faculty members generally revolves around digital scholarship and pedagogy, metaliteracy, and professional education at UNC-CH. I also have longstanding interests in education for reflective practice, learning space design, fair use and licensing of educational materials, and scholarly communication strategies.

Selected Publications:

Hansen, D.R., Cross, W.M., & Edwards, P.M. (2013). Copyright policy and practice in electronic reserves among ARL libraries. College & Research Libraries, 74(1), 69-84.

Henshaw, R.G., Edwards, P.M., & Bagley, E.J. (2011). Use of swivel desks and aisle space to promote interaction in mid-sized college classrooms. Journal of Learning Spaces, 1(1).

Cross, W.M., & Edwards, P.M. (2011). Preservice legal education for academic librarians within ALA-accredited degree programs. portal: Libraries and the Academy, 11(1),533-550.

Edwards, P.M. (2010). Theories-in-use and reflection-in-action: Core principles for LIS education. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 51(1), 18-29.

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Instructional Technology Consultant and ITS Liaison

I am an educational technology consultant who works with faculty members and academic units to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate the innovative use of instructional technologies. I serve as staff liaison between the Center for Faculty Excellence and the Teaching and Learning division of Information Technology Services. Recent areas of interest include innovation in faculty development, learning space design, and large course redesign.

I hold a Master of Information Science degree and a bachelor’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and have taught undergraduate and graduate courses for the UNC School of Information and Library Science. I have 15 years of experience supporting faculty members and campus initiatives across a wide range of topics related to educational technology.

Recent Publications and Presentations:

Henshaw, B., Moore, J., & Moy, C.. (2016, January). Transforming the Lecture Hall: Toward a Comprehensive Classroom Design. Presented at EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.

Henshaw, B. & Lockhart, M.. (2015, November). Exploring the Role of Faculty Development in Classroom Design. Presented at the POD Annual Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Henshaw, B.. (2014, November). Evaluating a System for Helping Faculty Manage Professional Development Information. Presented at POD Annual Conference, Dallas, TX.

Henshaw, B. (2014, October). Creating a Campus Culture for Interactive Learning Environments. Presented at CCUMC Annual Conference, Portland, OR.

Henshaw, R.G., and Reubens, A. (2014). Evaluating design enhancements to the tablet arm chair in language instruction classes. Journal of Learning Spaces, 2(2).

Henshaw, B. & DeFays, H. (2013, February). Course Correspondents: Bridging continents and connecting students. Presented at EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Annual Meeting, Denver, CO. February 2013.

Henshaw, B. & Muñoz-Hermoso, A. (2013, February). Course Correspondents: Leveraging student experiences abroad. Presented at Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, Greensboro, NC.

Henshaw, R.G. & DeSaix, J.S. (2012). Faculty Roles in Electronic Textbook Adoption. In G.C. Clarck, S.A. Clouser (Eds.), Teaching with Technology, Volume 2. Learning Technology Consortium.

Henshaw, R.G., Edwards, P.M., & Bagley, E.J. (2011). Use of swivel desks and aisle space to promote interaction in mid-sized college classroomsJournal of Leaning Spaces, 1(1).

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OASIS-Liaison and Instructional Developer

I enjoy working at the crossroads of learning theories and their pedagogical implementations with a little technology thrown in to spice things up. My background includes technology curriculum development and instruction for the Adult Technology Education Center and Teen Computer Clubhouse at Boston’s Harriet Tubman House; e-Media project management for Harcourt publishing; and instructional design for St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas; Master of Advanced Oncology online for Universität Ulm, German;, and Master of Public Administration online for UNC’s School of Government.

As staff liaison between the Office of Arts & Sciences Information Services and the Center for Faculty Excellence, I strive to find innovative ways instructors can guide students along a journey to develop identities as productive members of academic and professional communities. These pathways often call for the use of advanced technologies such as online networking platforms, classroom response systems, virtual classrooms, blogging, and streaming video. At other times the best tool is a pencil.

Along with my work at CFE, I enjoy playing, teaching, and performing music and develop interactive eBooks for music instruction.

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Research Associate

As an evaluator for the Center for Faculty Excellence, I work primarily with faculty members to develop surveys and collect data for their classrooms. Faculty members use this data to answer questions about how technologies, learning space designs, and course redesigns are working for them and their students.

I have been working in education research and evaluation for approximately 18 years. Much of my research and evaluation experience has been in early childhood and primary education. For the past three years, I have had the opportunity to work in higher education, evaluating activities taking place in classrooms and departments at both the undergraduate and graduate levels across campus.

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology/biology from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fla. I also have a master’s in global and international education from Drexel University in Philadelphia.  

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Research Coordinator

I offer individual consultations to faculty and postdoctoral fellows across campus on their research-related needs (e.g., assistance with grant writing, research dossier, etc.). I also organize faculty workshops on a variety of research-related topics. I have research expertise in both quantitative and qualitative methods; and have more than 20 years of experience in conducting research, with the primary areas being HIV/AIDS, stigma, research/clinical ethics, and domestic violence. My most recent project, co-funded by the Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention and UNC Hospitals, involved developing and piloting tools to evaluate hospital-based domestic violence programs.

I received a doctorate in Health Behavior and Health Education from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1999 and did a NIH T32 postdoctoral traineeship at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies at the University of California, San Francisco, from 1999 to 2001. Before joining the Center for Faculty Excellence in March 2010, I was a research assistant professor with the Department of Social Medicine in the School of Medicine. As a junior faculty member, I was funded through a Career (KO1) Development Award in research ethics from NIAID and was an investigator on other NIH grants. I also became a Faculty Engaged Scholar through the Carolina Center for Public Service.

Selected Publications:
Sengupta S, Lo B, Strauss RP, Eron J, Gifford AL. (2011) Pilot study demonstrating effectiveness of targeted education to improve informed consent understanding in AIDS clinical trials. AIDS Care. 23 (11):1382-91.

Sengupta S, Banks B, Jonas D, Miles MS, Smith GC. (2011). HIV Interventions to Reduce HIV/AIDS Stigma: A Systematic Review. AIDS & Behavior, 15 (6):1075-87.

Sengupta S, Lo B, Strauss RP, Eron J, Gifford AL. (2010). How researchers define vulnerable populations in HIV/AIDS clinical trials. AIDS & Behavior, 14 (6):1313-9.

Sengupta S, Strauss RP, Miles MS, Roman-Isler M, Banks B, Smith GC. (2010). A conceptual model exploring the relationship between HIV stigma and implementing HIV clinical trials in rural communities of North Carolina. North Carolina Medical Journal, 71 (2):113-22.

Sengupta S. (2008). 2007 Costs and Coverage of Antiretrovirals Under Medicare Part D for People With HIV/AIDS Living in North Carolina. North Carolina Medical Journal, 69 (1):6-13.

Van Rie A, Sengupta S, Pungrassami P, Balthip Q, Choonuan S, Kasetjaroen Y, Strauss RP, Chongsuvivatwong V. (2008). Measuring stigma associated with tuberculosis and HIV⁄AIDS in southern Thailand: exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses of two new scales. Tropical Medicine and International Health, 13 (1):21-30.

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Leadership and Faculty Development Coordinator
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