Faculty Showcase

2010 showcase

shift + control + TEACH: a faculty showcase

  • Can Electronic Textbooks Change the Way We Teach?
    • Matt Clayton, History (undergraduate student)
    • Jean DeSaix, Biology
  • Creating Student Communities of Inquiry and Practice
    • Rhonda Gibson, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
    • Leigh Hall, School of Education
    • Kathryn Ohle, School of Education (graduate student)
    • Sharon Palsha, School of Education
  • Engaging Students Using Response Systems
    • Mike Aguilar, Economics
    • Lorraine Cramer, Microbiology & Immunology
  • Getting Prepared to Teach Online
    • Charlie Bernaccio, School of Medicine
    • Steve Leonard, Political Science
    • Melissa Miller, School of Education
  • Left to Their Own Devices: A Faculty/Student Panel Discussion on Technology Use at Carolina
    • Bobby Allen, American Studies
    • Suzanne Gulledge, School of Education
    • Andrew Lu, Political Science (undergraduate student)
    • Ted Mouw, Sociology
    • John Paul, School of Public Health
    • Ashley Reed, English & Comparative Literature (graduate student)
    • Shruti Shaw, Political Science (undergraduate student)
  • Redefining Learning Space
    • Bobby Hobgood, LEARN NCSchool of Education
    • Pete Koval, Eshelman School of Pharmacy
  • Strategies for Keeping up with New Technologies
    • Evelyn Daniel, School of Information & Library Science
    • Jeff Pomerantz, School of Information & Library Science
  • Transitioning from Blackboard to Sakai
    • Rich Goldberg, Biomedical Engineering
    • Anastacia Kohl, Romance Languages & Literature
  • UNC VoiceThread: Collaborative Multimedia Made Simple
    • Debra Barksdale, School of Nursing
    • Tara Muller, UNC Global
  • Using Online Learning Activities to Transform the Classroom Experience
    • Glynis Cowell, Romance Languages & Literature
    • Kelly Hogan, Biology

sponsored by: Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) and Information Technology Services (ITS)



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