Consultation Services for Faculty Leaders

Individually Crafted Services to Meet Leaders’ Unique Needs

CFE provides a variety of consultation services for faculty leaders and their faculty units.  These services include:


Customized Leadership Development Seminars and Programs for Faculty Groups

Typically short (60-90 minute) presentations and seminars about leadership skills such as: identifying leadership strengths, effective communications, giving and receiving feedback, time management, conflict resolution, collaboration, career planning, strategic thinking, mentor skill development, delegation and coaching, meeting management, decision-making and problem solving and negotiation. CFE also designs and helps identify outside resources for longer (e.g., multi-day) workshops and development programs.

Leadership Consulting and Advising services

CFE leadership staff can serve as a consultant with a new leader and leadership team to successfully on board the leader and team; set up a team/group charter, and offer faculty team/group development options and programs. Consultations, co-designed with the leader and faculty group, will address leadership challenges and support the creation of a shared leadership vision and values—building a culture of leadership.

Faculty Retreat and Leadership Workshop Facilitation

Facilitation by a neutral CFE leadership staff member enables leaders to participate in the meeting, determine key meeting outcomes and accomplish success without worrying about its process, mechanics, or timeframe.

CFE-facilitated leadership meetings may include beginning-of-the-year departmental retreats, department and program visioning, leadership skills and visioning, mentoring processes and skills, and career development retreats and workshops.



June Merlino, Leadership and Faculty Development Coordinator,
Phone: 919-962-9972