Log in to the PIM

The Professional Interests Manager (PIM) is a Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) service designed to inform faculty members about professional development resources and opportunities in the areas of teaching, research, and leadership. The service is designed to notify you only about resources and opportunities relevant to your particular professional development interests. When you log into the PIM, you will be asked to choose from a list of professional development topics that interest you. Once enrolled, you will receive email notifications about resources and opportunities related only to the topics you have selected, such links to useful websites, summaries of relevant journal articles, and announcements of campus events. The features of the PIM include the ability to:

  • Control how regularly you receive email notifications, including a daily digest option
  • Browse resource updates on all professional interests, even those not in your profile
  • Bookmark resources for use at a later time

The PIM is available to all faculty members, graduate students, and staff who have a valid ONYEN. Getting started takes less than five minutes. To sign up, just complete the following easy steps:

  • Log in with your ONYEN
  • Select your interests
  • Set your email frequency

For additional assistance, please see “Simple instructions for getting started” (.pdf).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to sign up?
How often do I have to log in?
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Can I change my professional interests later?
Can I see a list of all the resources in they system?
How do I change my unit affiliation(s)?
How do I bookmark a resource so that I can easily revisit it later?
What if a professional interest that is important to me is not included in the PIM list?
Who will know that I have signed up for the service and what professional interests I have selected?
I deleted an email notification; how can I find a specific resource?