2016-2017 Teaching in the Professions cohort

  • Alyssa Mansfield Damon, HPM 470: Statistical Methods for Health Policy and Management
    Department of Health Policy and Management, Gillings School of Global Public Health
  • Brenda Temple, BIOL 107L: Introduction to Biochemistry (Laboratory)
    Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, School of Medicine
  • Rick Walter, DENT 302: Advanced Operative Dentistry
    Department of Operative Dentistry, School of Dentistry

2015-2016 Pro40+ cohort

  • Amy Denham, Intensive Integration
    Department of Family Medicine, School of Medicine
  • Richard Faldowski, (modules across multiple courses: OCCT 704, SPHS 701.01, SPHS 701.02, RADI 755)
    Department of Allied Health Sciences, School of Medicine
  • Vivian Go, HBEH 752: Public Health Intervention and Evaluation
    Department of Health Behavior, Gillings School of Global Public Health
  • Elaine Harwood, NURS 810: Primary Care Management of Adults
    School of Nursing
  • Mike Jarstfer, PHCY 502: Molecular Foundations of Drug Action
    Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry, Eshelman School of Pharmacy
  • Jon McClanahan, Law 204: Contracts
    School of Law
  • Carrie Palmer and Tom Bush, NURS 726: Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning in Primary Care
    School of Nursing
  • Rocio Quinonez, DENT 206: Growth and Development
    Department of Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry
  • Karin Yeatts, EPID 600: Principles of Epidemiology for Public Health
    Department of Epidemiology, Gillings School of Global Public Health