The CFE is expanding its support for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). SoTL represents a systematic, evidence-based approach to improving teaching and learning. With proper planning, UNC faculty members who are taking steps to improve student learning can collect data to help gauge the effectiveness of the changes they are making. In addition to providing useful feedback on teaching methods, such findings are also being used as a foundation for published articles, conference presentations, and to help bolster professional vitae.

The CFE already offers small grants to pay for data analysis support, to partially compensate instructor time working on SoTL publications, or to help pay for conference registration and travel where an instructor is presenting a SoTL poster or paper. Whether you are new to the scholarship of teaching and learning or a long-time practitioner, we hope you will take advantage of the SoTL support resources throughout the academic year.

Fall 2017 Program

Steven G. Buzinski, Ph.D. is a Social Psychologist with a long-running interest in SoTL. Steve joined his first teaching learning community while in graduate school at the University of Maryland and has been an active member of the SoTL community since. This year he will serve as the CFE’s first Faculty-in-Residence, with a focus on expanding the SoTL resources available to faculty and graduate students.    

Steve’s SoTL “Office Hours”

Faculty members are welcome to stop by the Center for Faculty Excellence (316 Wilson Library) or schedule a meeting with Steve to discuss their SoTL interests and projects. Here are Steve’s scheduled hours this fall:

  • Friday, October 6: 9am-Noon
  • Friday, October 27: 10am-Noon
  • Friday, November 3: 9am-Noon
  • Friday, November 17: 9am-Noon
  • Friday, December 1: 9am-Noon
  • Friday, December 8: 10am-1pm

CFE Research Associate Andrea Reubens is also available to discuss SoTL with interested instructors.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Workshop Series

What is SoTL, What is the Point…and How do I Get Started?

Friday, October 13, 2017 12:15pm-1:15pm 304 Wilson Library
This workshop will introduce participants to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and how it can promote both teaching improvement and professional development. Focusing on pragmatics, participants will be introduced to sample SoTL projects, as well as a framework that may help them to generate their own SoTL research questions. Register Here

Navigating the IRB Application Process for SoTL Research Projects

Friday, October 27 9am-10am 304 Wilson Library
This workshop will introduce participants to the intricacies of applying to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for approval to conduct a SoTL research project. Participants will receive a sample IRB application and faculty members experienced with human-subjects IRB applications will be present to answer specific audience questions. Register Here

Presenting and Publishing SoTL Research Projects

Friday, November 17 2:30pm-3:30pm 304 Wilson Library
This workshop will introduce participants to the costs and benefits of presenting and publishing SoTL projects. It will detail the resources available through CFE to offset the costs of doing so, and will feature a discussion on the merits of presenting and/or publishing in SoTL-specific vs. Disciplinary pedagogical (e.g., “Teaching of Psychology Journal”) outlets. Register Here

How Does My Department View SoTL? Results from our Campus Survey

Friday, December 8 9am-10am 304 Wilson Library
This workshop will share with participants the results of a campus-wide survey on faculty engagement with, and attitudes toward SoTL; detailing divisional and department data (where available). Moreover, it will feature a discussion on how best to promote one’s SoTL research for professional development purposes. Register Here

One of our fall semester goals is to assess the state of SoTL at UNC. Please look out for a survey coming from CFE soon!

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning – UNC Examples


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