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Future Faculty Fellowship Program (FFFP) for Graduate Students

The Future Faculty Fellowship Program is designed to accomplish three goals: (a) improve the educational experience of UNC students in courses taught by graduate students; (b) prepare graduate students for their first experience as independent instructors; and (c) help graduate students understand the roles and responsibilities of faculty members in higher education. In recognition of their commitment, each Fellow who completes the course will receive a certificate, an honorarium, and resources on college teaching.

Consideration for acceptance into FFFP will require each student to commit to a semester of meetings, including:

a. An initial one-day workshop;

b. Five 3-hour meetings of graduate student learning communities co-facilitated by CFE staff and a departmental Director of Graduate Studies;

c. Guest lectures and workshops hosted by schools or departments, CFE, or The Graduate School.

Certification will also require students to complete written or oral assignments that demonstrate their knowledge of: 1) teaching skills and approaches, 2) evidence-based teaching practices relevant to their discipline, 3) design or redesign of a curriculum in their discipline, 4) faculty roles and responsibilities at different types of institutions.

  • Application (due June 15, 2014)
  • Instructions for Letter of Recommendation

    For more information contact:

    Molly Sutphen, Associate Director and Teaching & Learning Coordinator or (919) 966-4838