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Join us for a keynote speech on issues important to women in science and medicine.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015  |  3:30pm    4:30pm  | Kirkland Auditorium, Koury Oral Health Sciences Building

iz4SWBrYThis practical and interactive presentation focuses on tips, tools, and exercises that will give women ways to push back on negative stereotypes, reclaim parts of the workplace experience that have been misunderstood and devalued, and work together to change workplace cultures to be more inclusive. Male participants will learn ways they can support work environments that truly value the contributions of both women and men. Participants will have the opportunity to raise questions during a Q&A.

Dr. Anne Litwin’s path-breaking new research, conducted in workplaces across the globe, reveals how the masculine, hierarchical culture of many organizations creates special challenges for women at all levels: executives, managers, and employees. These challenges cause major frustration for many women, damage working relationships and friendships, derailing women leaders, and prevent women from bringing their best talents forward in the service of the organization.

Dr. Litwin reveals the startling paradoxes that generate these problems and offers powerful solutions and tools that result in better relationships and communication. Please join us as she guides us through her findings in New Rules for Women, her recently published book, detailing important new concepts in understanding the subtle—often invisible—gender dynamics that influence women’s workplace relationships.

 Reception to follow.

For more information about Anne Litwin:

Sponsored by: The Association for Women Faculty and Professionals, the Center for Faculty Excellence, the Committee on the Status of Women Faculty, the Faculty Committee on Community and Diversity, the Institute for the Arts and Humanities, the School of Medicine Academic Affairs Office, WISDOM (Women in Science Deserve Opportunities and Mentoring), the Carolina Women’s Center, and in the College of Arts and Sciences, the WOWS Scholars Program and the Office of Faculty Diversity Initiatives

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