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Clinical Trial Investigator Series—Didactic workshops to help education investigator on different aspects of conducting clinical trials—FOR FACULTY AND POSTDOCS.

The modules for Fall 2016 are:


Clinical Trial Study Designs

Protocol Development

PI Development Series—This will be re-vamped to be more interactive with new PIs or about to be new PIs—FOR FACULTY AND POSTDOCS. Currently, the Introduction module is scheduled:

Introduction (Focused on helping PIs think through the different aspects of establishing a research program at UNC-CH. We also will spend some time working on a vision statement for a PI’s research program, so attendees should come prepared to create, discuss, and refine their own vision statements.)

Grantsmanship workshops in Fall 2016:

For graduate students:

NSF Grants for Graduate Students (also welcomes early postdocs to learn about NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships)

NIH F31 Workshop (will have some information for postdocs on F32s as well)

For faculty and postdocs:

NIH K Awards

NIH R Grants

Being Better Faculty Research Mentors (BBFRM) training program—Will have a training in either October 2016 or November 2016—FACULTY ONLY. For faculty interested, complete this form to let us know of your availability in October or November 2016.


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