wheels, cogs, machineryThe Faculty Administrator Development Program (FADP) is an extensive introduction and overview to UNC Administrative Groups and Services for current or newly appointed leaders. Participants will strengthen their network of support and contacts across UNC, become oriented to campus administrative systems, and develop as leaders.

Friday Sessions 12:00-2:00 PM (buffet lunch is served)
304 Wilson Library (bottom floor next to Music Library)

Nomination Required

Program Learning Objectives:

As a leadership and new faculty administrator cohort group, we will build a learning community. Our learning community will engage each other in listening, learning and supporting to understand the administrative services at UNC. We will begin to address our new common administrative leadership challenges. The sessions are interactive to include questions, scenarios and dialogue with the presenters and colleagues. This hands-on approach fosters thinking and enlists our administrative leaders in solving new and common scenarios regarding administration. Our program’s 12 sessions include lunch and the opportunity to network with university-wide colleagues.

Session Topic Date Facilitator(s)
Orientation Session September 8 June Merlino, CFE Leadership and Faculty Development Coordinator
Ombuds Office September 22 Wayne Blair, University Ombuds http://www.ombuds.unc.edu/about.html
Real Case Studies October 6 June Merlino, CFE Leadership and Faculty Development Coordinator
Office of Human Resources October 27 Kathy Bryant, Senior Director, HR Communications and Talent Development; and Senior HR Team http://hr.unc.edu/
Finance and Administration November 10 Brian Smith, Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and Accounting http://finance.unc.edu/
Office of University Counsel December 1 Mark W. Merritt, Vice Chancellor and General Counsel http://universitycounsel.unc.edu/
Information Technology Services (ITS) January 12 Kevin Lanning, Chief Information Security Office; and ITS Senior Team http://its.unc.edu/about-us/who-we-are/
University Libraries February 2 Elaine L. Westbrooks, University Librarian and Vice Provost for University Libraries; and University Libraries Senior Team http://library.unc.edu/about/orgchart/
Diversity and Multicultural Affairs February 16 Rumay Alexander, Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor
Office of the Provost March 9 Ron Strauss, Executive Vice Provost and Chief International Officer http://provost.unc.edu/about-the-office/
Office of Faculty Governance April 6 Leslie Parise, Chair of the Faculty; Professor and Chair of Biochemistry and Biophysics http://facultygov.unc.edu/
UNC and its External Publics April 27 Joel Curran, Vice Chancellor, UNC Communications; Don Hobart, AVC for UNC Research; Don Dibbert, Director-General Alumni Association; and Mark Meares, Associate Vice Chancellor, Corporate and Foundations Relations
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