Support for High-Enrollment Courses

Faculty members from a wide range of disciplines are rethinking the way they teach large-enrollment courses. They are complementing the traditional lecture with instructional technologies and active learning methods based on decades of research about how students learn. The CFE Large Course Redesign Initiative supports faculty members interested in implementing changes to a large enrollment course in order to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

Since the program was announced in 2012 the CFE has awarded individual course redesign grants to nearly 90 faculty members, as well as two larger grants to support department-wide efforts in Anthropology and History. Thus far, the grants program has helped transform large course sections serving more than 20,000 Carolina students. For more information about the program, download the most recent Call for ProposalsThe 2020-21 Call for Proposals will be announced in November. 

The 2019-20 program participants were announced recently. They are:

  • Karen Auerbach, History
  • Lois Boynton, School of Media and Journalism
  • Mara Evans, Biology
  • Kathleen Fitzgerald, Sociology
  • Rhonda Lanning, School of Nursing
  • John Majikes, Computer Science
  • Jeff McClean, Statistics and Operations Research
  • Kristin Ondrak, Exercise and Sport Science
  • Jack Snoeyink, Computer Science
  • Aubrey Snowden, Dramatic Arts
  • Kathleen Thomas, School of Law
  • Matt Weidenfeld, Political Science

2018-19 Grant Recipients

  • Matt Andrews, History
  • Melinda Beck, Nutrition/Gillings School of Global Public Health
  • Lorrie Cramer, Microbiology/School of Medicine
  • Helyne Frederick, School of Education
  • Vidyadhar Kulkarni, Statistics and Operation Research
  • Claire Scott, Christina Weiler, Kyung Gagum , Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Miranda Thomas, Mathematics
  • Danielle Zurcher, Chemistry

2017-18 Grant Recipients:

  • Neal Caren, Sociology
  • Patrick Harrison and Viji Sathy, Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Hosun Kim, Romance Studies
  • Priscilla Layne, Germanic and Slavic Languages
  • Patricia Mcanany and Ben Arbuckle, Anthropology
  • Sarah Shields, History
  • Kalina Staub, Economics
  • Dave Stotts, Computer Science
  • Jeff Summerlin-Long, Public Policy
  • Eren Tasar, History

2016-17 Grant Recipients:

  • Emily Baragwanath, Classics
  • Mike Figueroa, Music
  • Chris Jones, Mathematics
  • Fred Naiden, History
  • John Papanikolas, Chemistry
  • Michelle Robinson, American Studies
  • Michelle Sheran-Andrews, Economics

2015-16 Grant Recipients:

  • Steve Buzinski, Psychology
  • Erica Johnson, Michal Osterweil, and Jonathan Weiler, Global Studies
  • Ram Neta, Philosophy
  • Betsy Olson and Elizabeth Havice, Geography
  • Marsha Penner, Psychology
  • Tony Perucci, Communication Studies
  • Jason Roberts, Political Science
  • Blaire Steinwand, Biology
  • Dave Stotts, Computer Science
  • Ariana Vigil and Michele Berger, Women’s and Gender Studies

2014-15 Grant Recipients:

  • Jay Aikat, Computer Science
  • Linda Green, Brenda Shryock, Debra Etheridge and Elizabeth McLaughlin, Mathematics
  • Suzanne Harris, School of Pharmacy
  • Jeannie Loeb, Psychology
  • Layna Mosley, Political Science
  • Christopher Nelson and Townsend Middleton, Anthropology
  • Gabor Pataki and Robin Cunningham, Statistics and Operations Research
  • Patrick Conway and Charles Merritt, Economics
  • John Sweet, History
  • Ben Waterhouse, History

2013-14 Grant Recipients:

  • Rita Balaban, Economics
  • Jean Davison and Sonda Oppewal, School of Nursing
  • Joe Kennedy, School of Law
  • Laurie McNeil and David Smith, Physics and Astronomy
  • Silvia Tomaskova, Anthropology
  • Courtney Woods, School of Public Health

2012-13 Grant Recipients:

  • Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld, Anthropology
  • Jean DeSaix, Biology
  • Buck Goldstein and John Akin, Economics, and Chancellor Holden Thorp, Chemistry
  • Suzanne Hobbs, School of Public Health
  • Kathryn Hunter-Williams, Dramatic Arts
  • Jennifer Krumper and Carribeth Bliem, Chemistry
  • Tim Marr, American Studies, and Jocelyn Neal, Music
  • Mark McCombs, Mathematics
  • Dan Reichart, Physics and Astronomy
  • Viji Sathy, Psychology

Funding for the CFE Large Course Redesign Grants Program is provided by the Provost’s Office. Planning and support is provided by the CFE and ITS-Teaching and Learning.

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