Bringing Faculty Together to Support Scholarly Writing Productivity in the Summer

The Summer Writing Group (SWG) Program brings together faculty members from all disciplines and career stages in small groups to help spur writing productivity and foster cross-disciplinary connections.

The SWG Program begins with an orientation meeting in May that allows interested faculty members to meet with the groups to which they have been assigned on the basis of their expressed preferences. Groups meet regularly throughout the summer at times that suit them and have the freedom to structure their writing group activities as they wish.

Summer Writing Group Program Orientation Meeting

Come and learn about the Summer Writing Group Program. The Orientation happens in May of each academic year. You will have the chance to meet other faculty members in pre-assigned groups based on writing group preferences you express when you register.

The Summer 2018 Orientation will take place on Friday, May 4th at 12:15 PM in 504 Wilson Library.

Other Writing Resources

The National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity provides resources for writing, virtual writing groups, as well as virtual coaching to help with your writing.


Please contact Erin Malloy if you have any questions about if this program will meet your scholarly writing needs.


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