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  1. FLC for faculty members who are currently engaged in SoTL, have worked on SoTL projects in the past, or wish to learn about SoTL and launch a new project
  2. SoTL workshops

Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) provide support for exploration of an important topic by a committed group of faculty. In addition to providing a collegial environment for professional growth, they can also foster interdisciplinary collaborative projects and scholarship. For more information on FLCs, click HERE.

Comments from faculty members who have participated in previous CFE FLCs on teaching:

“I always felt teaching was a fairly isolated activity, and this completely changed that mindset. Just having a network of teachers across the University and across disciplines made me start viewing myself as a member of a much larger community.”

-Teaching Associate Professor, Economics Department

With Whom: 10-15 like-minded individuals who are interested in being part of a community of practice and advancing their own teaching and learning scholarship. The FLC will be co-facilitated by Helyne Frederick (Clinical Associate Professor, UNC School of Education, Director of the undergraduate program in Human Development and Family Studies) and CFE staff members.

Participants: Those interested in participating should

  • Have a faculty appointment at UNC-CH
  • Commit to meeting once per month (or at least 5 of 6 planned sessions) during the 2020-21 academic year to discuss, think, learn together, and write
  • Be willing to actively listen to and share with colleagues in the group

How Participants Benefit: By participating, faculty will share with and learn from campus colleagues who have experience in the systematic assessment of teaching and learning. Participants engaged in a SoTL project may value the opportunity to solicit feedback from peers on their projects and benefit from the structure of a regular meeting. Those not currently engaged in a project may find ideas for new projects, potential collaborators, and new SoTL skills.

Early in the fall semester, FLC members met to finalize the FLC goals, meeting times and dates, and agendas.

SoTL FLC: Examples of FLC activities

  • Collaborating to improve research methodology, including the potential to utilize techniques developed across disciplines
  • Reading and discussing SoTL papers; sharing insights
  • Generating specific, testable hypothesis from general teaching questions
  • SoTL project check-ins, accountability, and writing time

SoTL Workshops: In addition to the FLC sessions, SoTL workshops are planned to provide specific learning opportunities such as working with the IRB on SoTL projects, identifying collaborators, etc.

How to Apply:

The 2020-21 FLC has commenced but faculty who are interested in engaging in this should inquire below. Workshops will also be shown on the CFE calendar and promoted separately via the CFE’s newsletter, calendar, and social media. Please inquire further via our Individual Research Consultations page. Then, consider these items below as we set up a consultation with you:

  1. Any SoTL projects that you are currently developing or an example of a past project
  2. What you envision your project to entail if you have not previously engaged in SoTL research
  3. What you hope to gain by pursuing a SoTL project


Contact Darin Knapp, Associate Director for Faculty Development in Research, or 919-966-1741

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