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Join the 2022 CFE Summer Writing Group!

The CFE is looking forward to the 2022 Summer Writing Group program. Having offered the last two years in virtual format, we are hopeful for more in-person events and group work. But we are well prepared for virtual and hybrid formats if needed. We hope that connecting with colleagues in any format will both encourage writing productivity and reduce pandemic-related isolation. Overcoming challenges with a supportive peer group can provide a sense of community and push your writing projects forward.

The 2022 Orientation and Kick-Off will be held on May 6 from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM in Carroll Hall 111. In this session, participants have the opportunity meet with their group members to get to know each other. They also plan their summer, establish group agreements for their work together, and hear from past SWG participants to make the most of the program.

COVID-19 Update: We are currently planning for an in-person event with social distancing in place and masks are encouraged.

Please contact if a remote option is needed.

Complete the Registration Survey which links directly to the registration for the Orientation and Kick-Off event.

2022 Important Dates

March 25: Registration Opens
April 29: Deadline for Registration
May 6: Summer Writing Group Orientation and Kick-Off

Location: Carroll Hall 111

Time:12:00 PM – 2:00 PM


Register for the 2022 CFE Summer Writing Group


Can I participate remotely in the Orientation and Kick-Off?
Yes! While in-person attendance is encouraged, we are offering the Orientation Kick-Off in a hybrid format for those unable to attend in person.

If I have a conflict with the Orientation and Kick-Off session, can I still participate in the program?
Yes! While the Orientation and Kick-Off session is important to learn about the program and to meet your group members, we can arrange for you to make up what was missed. Please e-mail if you are unable to attend the event.

Can I be remote for individual group sessions across the summer?If you need to participate remotely throughout the summer, please indicate this on the SWG Registration Survey. We can assign you to a group with similar interest in participating remotely.How will I be matched to a group?We use responses on the SWG registration surveys to put the groups together. Please indicate any preferences on project type, meeting format, preferred disciplines, and requests for working with specific individuals using that form. We also work to construct groups based on times that they are available.Can I still participate if I know I will be away part of the summer?Yes, please indicate known conflicts in your registration survey. We also encourage you to consider a remote option where possible and to work with your group to adjust your individual sessions.How many members will there be in my group?Group sizes will vary but we will aim for most groups to contain 5-7 members.Who can I contact with other questions?You can email the CFE at