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2022 University Teaching Awards

  • Board of Governors’ Award for Excellence in Teaching: Geoffrey Sayre-McCord
  • Mentor Award for Lifetime Achievement: Jenny Ting
  • Distinguished Teaching Awards for Post-Baccalaureate Instruction: Jocelyn Glazier, Alexa Chew, Theresa Palmer, and Beth Posner
  • Tanner Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching: William Sturkey, Kelly Hogan, Brenda Temple, Renee Alexander Craft, and Dongsoo Bang
  • William C. Friday Award for Excellence in Teaching: Devin Hubbard
  • Chapman Family Teaching Awards: Yi Zhou, Rick Warner, Mara Evans, and Jason Franz
  • J. Carlyle Sitterson Award for Teaching First-Year Students: Bud Kauffman and Barbara Fredrickson
  • Johnston Teaching Excellence Awards: Carol Hee and Linda Green
  • Tanner Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching by Graduate Teaching Assistants: Samuel Schmitt, Cristian Walk, Aaron Smith, Chris Strauss, and Kaki Ryan
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