Bob Henshaw

Instructional Technology Consultant and ITS Liaison
PHONE: 919-962-9969 | FAX: 919-962-5236


Bob Henshaw is an educational technology consultant who works with faculty members and academic units to effectively plan, implement, and evaluate the innovative use of instructional technologies. He serves as staff liaison between the Center for Faculty Excellence and the Teaching and Learning division of Information Technology Services. Recent areas of interest for Bob include innovation in faculty development, learning space design, and large course redesign.

Bob holds a Master of Information Science degree and a bachelor’s degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses for the UNC School of Information and Library Science. He has 15 years of experience supporting faculty members and campus initiatives across a wide range of topics related to educational technology.

Recent Publications and Presentations:

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Henshaw, B.. (2014, November). Evaluating a System for Helping Faculty Manage Professional Development Information. Presented at POD Annual Conference, Dallas, TX.

Henshaw, B. (2014, October). Creating a Campus Culture for Interactive Learning Environments. Presented at CCUMC Annual Conference, Portland, OR.

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