Hannah Ferguson Johns

CFE Graduate Student Fellow (2019-2020)
Department of Chemistry


From an island off the coast of Texas called Port Aransas, Hannah thought she would see what seasons were like in Atlanta, GA at Emory University. She worked in the lab of Huw Davies developing dirhodium catalysts for enantioselective transformations. Through the Center for Selective C-H Functionalization, she enjoyed a summer fellowship working in the lab of Matthew Gaunt at the University of Cambridge where she developed methods of selectively functionalizing methionine on peptides. Desiring to continue bio-organic research and armed with her first winter coat, she moved “north” to join the Waters lab at UNC, where she now works on developing labeling systems for peptides containing trimethyl lysine. As Treasurer of the Chemistry Graduate Committee for Professional Development, she works hard to both deliver professional development opportunities for her fellow grad students and ensure that good food is provided. Her goal is to become a faculty member at an R1 institution and she hopes to develop the necessary skills to realize that dream as a Graduate Student Fellow for the Center for Faculty Development. In the summer she can be found by the pool with a book, laughing at people who complain about North Carolina humidity and in the winter she enjoys knitting, watching the Tarheels play, and constantly pestering her labmates with questions like “Is it summer yet?”