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Tim Smith

Mentoring Program Coordinator
PHONE: 919-962-9966





Timothy (Tim) Smith joined the CFE in Fall 2022 as the Mentoring Program Coordinator. Tim brings 27 years of experience in higher education to UNC. He began his collegiate career at Rutgers University as a member of the Music Faculty and Director of the Marching Band. Most recently, he served for four years as program coordinator for the Scholar Programs in the Honors College then graduate programs manager for the School of Journalism at the University of South Carolina. In his new role, Tim will manage and coordinate Faculty Mentoring Program activities including program development, management, and delivery in the CFE. He will support the development and delivery of programing aimed at improving the mentoring climate for Graduate School faculty, staff, and graduate students at UNC. He’ll also be involved with both internal and external communications. He will be the Coordinator for the University Teaching Awards Program, working with the CFE Director and the Provosts’ Office to acknowledge outstanding teaching and mentoring on the UNC Campus.