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Mentoring and Coaching

October 9, 2018

Program Description: Are you wanting to develop your faculty and staff through both mentoring and coaching? Do you want to understand the difference between mentoring and coaching, and how to develop your coaching practices? Mentoring and Coaching Learning Objectives: Understand … Read more


October 9, 2018

Program Description: Do you want to discover some of the leadership interpersonal skills that support effective ways and approaches to influence others?  Knowing your style and others’ styles for influencing can offer leaders insights to the importance of cultivating relationships. … Read more

Creating and Inspiring a Vision

October 9, 2018

Program Description: Are you leading a center, institute, and/or faculty committee about adopting a significant change and want to create a shared vision? Bring your emergent vision for our review and apply concepts and tools from the Kouzes and Posner … Read more

MBTI Advanced Applications

October 9, 2018

To further develop a leader’s understanding of their style and approach to leading, we will be using the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) as an application for communications, giving feedback, conflict, problem-solving, decision-making, coaching, and building groups/teams. Prerequisite: leader participants must … Read more

Leading Change (Two-Part Series)

October 9, 2018

Program Description: Are you leading a center, institute, and/or faculty committee about a significant change such as curriculum, funding, evaluation, or other academic initiatives? Bring your change initiative project for our review and application of key concepts and models to … Read more

2017-18 Leadership Programming at the CFE

July 12, 2017

Leadership programming at the CFE aims to create a continuous and deliberate ‘culture for leadership’ where all faculty and academic leaders model, mentor and motivate students, colleagues, leaders and other key collaborators to lead with passion, collaboration and shared commitment to our … Read more

Professional Exploration and Growth Grants

April 7, 2017

The Professional Exploration and Growth grants program supports full-time faculty members (at any stage of their careers) who are seeking structured learning opportunities which help them broaden their skills as teachers, scholars, and leaders. Typically, these opportunities are (1) voluntarily … Read more