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The Equity in Teaching Institute

The Equity in Teaching Institute (EqTI) takes place virtually or in person over two days. The next EqTI will be held in person on September 29/October 1 (Weds/Fri) and again on October 5/7 (Tues/Thurs). There will be one application for these two institutes with a chance to offer your preference for dates. In the meantime, see below for online resources you can use to begin to design your course for equity. During the two days of our institute, we will reflect on who our students are, how our courses can equitably meet our students’ needs, and what equity in teaching means to us. We will center the needs of students marginalized because of their race, sexual and gender identities, disability, religion, language, and/or immigration status and re-envision our courses so that we are prepared to meet the learning needs of all our students.

Along with time for individual work and reflection in small groups, we will offer practical tips for implementing more equitable course design, with an emphasis on remote teaching.

Along with space for reflection and discussion, we will offer practical tips and ways to start implementing a more equitable course design, touching on areas such as:

  • Syllabus design
  • Culturally responsive course content
  • Content delivery, explanation, and lecturing
  • Active learning
  • Student group formation
  • Assessment and feedback on student work
  • Creating an inclusive classroom community

Online Resources

Our students are facing unprecedented challenges this year, contending not only with a global pandemic but also yet another wave of anti-Black racism and violence. While the pandemic has delayed our next offering of the EqT Institute, these circumstances make equitable teaching an even more urgent need. We have developed a set of online resources to help instructors bring equitable practices to their remote teaching.

Equity in Teaching Fellows

Beyond the two-day Institute, our EqT Fellows will build an ongoing community to reflect on their implementation of equitable teaching practices and offer each other support. Fellows will be grouped into clusters of 3-4 (based on teaching interests). Each cluster will determine for themselves how often they will meet and what they will discuss at each meeting, with the only requirement being that each cluster attend two workshops or events related to equitable teaching practices over the semester.

EqT Fellows will receive laminated door stickers to display their commitment to equitable teaching, digital EqT Fellow icons to add to their syllabi, and a certificate of completion.

Required commitments from EqT Fellows

  • Attend the 2-day Equity in Teaching Institute
  • Join the semester-long community (grouped into small clusters of 3-4)
  • Attend two workshops or events related to equitable teaching