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Academic Conference of Academic Deans

Academic Impressions (AI): Leadership

Our leadership programs, uniquely designed for higher education, emphasize practicality and interactivity. 

Academic Impressions (AI): Women’s Leadership Success in Higher Education

During this 3-day event, we will look at how gender and other factors such as generations, geography, and diversity, give you unique perspectives that can shape and empower your leadership style. You will also have opportunities to build an affinity network with your peers that can provide mentorship and guidance as you move forward with your goals following the event. This program is intended for mid- to upper-level female higher ed leaders who wish to build upon their leadership skill set and create an action plan for leadership success will greatly benefit from the information shared at this conference.

Academy for Advancing Leadership

Offers a number of open-enrollment and customized Leadership programs for current, new and aspiring leaders. Programs include:

  • Academic administrators
  • Faculty enhancing their academic skills
  • Leaders in health professions and academic settings
  • Women in executive roles
  • Readers of The 9 Virtues of Exceptional Leaders

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Academic Leadership Fellows Program

American Association of Teacher Education Leadership Academy

American Council on Education (ACE): Fellows Program

Helps ensure that higher education’s future leaders are ready to take on real-world challenges and serve the capacity-building needs of their institutions. This unique program condenses years of on-the-job experience and skills development into a single year. Of the nearly 2,000 Fellows to date, more than 80 percent have served as chief executive officers, chief academic officers, other cabinet-level positions, and deans. In this program, fellows observe and participate in key meetings and events, and take on special projects and assignments while under the mentorship of a team of experienced campus or system leaders; participate in three multi-day seminars, engage in team-based case studies, visit other campuses, and attend national meetings; and develop a network of higher education leaders across the US and abroad. Participants must be nominated by the president or chief academic officer of their institution.


American Council on Education (ACE): The National Women’s Leadership Forum

The National Women’s Leadership Forum is a 3-day interactive program that fosters discussions with women presidents and executive search consultants who help participants develop effective search strategies. It is for senior-level women administrators (typically deans and above) seeking a college or university presidency, vice presidency, or major deanship. The program is conducted 2 times during the year: June and December.

If you would like to be informed when registration opens or would like more information on the program, please email

Association of American Colleges & Universities (AACU)

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC): Leadership Development

The AAMC provides executives, faculty, and administrators at member institutions with the skills required to lead and transform today’s dynamic academic medical centers. Whether you are a senior-level leader, new to a leadership position, or in a role where you want to make a difference in your community and profession, AAMC can help you prepare to lead academic medicine into the future.

Center for Creative Leadership (CCL): Leadership Development Program (LDP)

The Leadership Development Program is a five-day program designed to help middle to senior-level managers lead in the “middle zone”. Managing in the “middle zone” is about connecting strategy to everyday work. Qualified faculty and individual coaching provide participants the personal insight and perspective that will help them unlock their leadership potential and refine key leadership skills needed to achieve impactful, tangible results throughout their organization. One of many programs offered by CCL, not exclusively for those working in higher education.

Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC): Academic Leadership Program (ALP)

* Now called the Big Ten Academic Alliance Academic Leadership Program

Established in 1989, this intensive experience develops the leadership and managerial skills of faculty who have demonstrated exceptional ability and academic promise. The ALP consists of three seminars hosted by different Big Ten Academic Alliance universities. In addition, ALP Fellows may be required to participate in on-campus activities throughout the academic year that vary by institution.  The program is specifically oriented to address the challenges of academic administration at major research universities and to help faculty members prepare to meet them.

Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences Leadership Development Programs

Harvard Institutes for Education

HERS: Leadership Institute

The institute is offered at three locations: Wellesley, Bryn Mawr, and Denver. Institute participants generally hold mid to senior-level positions and bring expertise from all parts of a college or university. They also represent a range of ethnic and national groups, ages and years of experience in higher education and other fields. Since 1976, over 5,000 women in faculty, staff, and administrative roles in higher education have further developed their leadership ability by attending the HERS Institute.

Kansas State University Academic Chairpersons Conference

Magna Publications

Serves the higher education community supporting professional development. Offers academic leadership conferences, online seminars, mentoring, resources, publications, and newsletters devoted to academic leadership. Expertise and resources on faculty development, student leadership, and other key challenges for higher education.

Southeastern Conference Academic Consortium: Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP)

This professional development opportunity seeks to identify, prepare and advance academic leaders for roles within SEC institutions and beyond. It helps develop the leadership skills of tenured faculty on campuses within the Southeastern Conference Academic Consortium who have demonstrated exceptional ability and leadership promise. Those who are selected serve as fellows for two years. During the second year, they serve as mentors to the new cohort of fellows. It has two components, a university-level development program designed by each institution for its own participants (i.e., fellows), and two, three-day, SEC-wide workshops held on specified campuses for all program participants.