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Consider tapping into some of the following resources to help you prepare for a positive and effective experience in the University’s flexible classrooms.  

Connect with a colleague

Flexible Classrooms Ambassadors

The following faculty members are available to talk to you about their experiences teaching in classrooms designed to support multiple teaching methods. Simply contact them via email to arrange a time to chat.

Instructor Experience teaching in classrooms with:
Susan Bickford, Political Science
Tablet chairs on casters
Square tables
Carribeth Bliem, Chemistry
Tablet chairs on casters (active learning hall)
Lois Boynton, School of Media and Journalism
 Tablet chairs on casters (active learning hall)
Glynis Cowell, Romance Studies
Tablet chairs on casters
Tables on casters
Duane Deardorff, Physics and Astronomy
Round tables (studio)
Linda Green, Mathematics 
Round tables (studio), Tablet chairs on casters (active learning hall)


Faculty Peer Visits Program

This program, sponsored by the Center for Faculty Excellence and the CAS Office for Instructional Innovation, provides faculty members with an opportunity to see peers using active learning methods in a live classroom setting.

Among the participating instructors who are teaching in flexible classrooms:

  • Amy Chambless, Romance Studies
  • J.D. DeFreese, Exercise and Sports Science
  • Linda Green, Mathematics
  • Meredith Petschauer, Exercise and Sports Science
  • Collin Wallace, Physics and Astronomy

Visit the Faculty Peer Visits Program website to sign up for a class visit.

Read up on best practices

The Active Learning Resources page includes a number of helpful ideas for incorporating instructional techniques that take advantage of flexible classroom characteristics. We’ve also included several classroom management guides informed by the experiences of instructors who have taught in the four primary types of flexible classrooms on campus.

Schedule a consultation

Staff members Bob Henshaw and Emily Boehm with the Center for Faculty Excellence are happy to discuss your options for using flexible classrooms. Get in touch today!