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The CFE is dedicated to supporting faculty mentoring at every career stage. We offer confidential, one-on-one, consultations in the following areas:


  • How do I Determine My Mentoring Needs?
  • How should I Approach Potential Mentors?
  • How do I go about Developing My Professional Network?
  • What is a Good Mentoring Relationship and How Can I Support It?


  • How Can I Become a Better Mentor?
  • How Do I Assess My Mentoring Competencies?
  • How Do I Mentor Individuals From Different Backgrounds?
  • How Do I Promote Effective Communication Between Myself and My Mentee?
  • How Do I Promote Mentoring in My Department/Unit?
  • How Do I Identify and Attract Good Mentors to My Department Mentoring Program?
  • How Do I Promote a Mentoring Culture in my Department/Unit?
  • How Do I Know if the Mentoring Taking Place in My Department/Unit is Effective?