Individually Crafted Services to Meet Academic Leaders’ Unique Needs

CFE provides a variety of consultation services for academic leaders and their faculty units. These services include:

Customized Leadership Development Seminars and Programs for Academic Leaders and Faculty Groups

Typically short (60-90 minute) presentations and seminars about leadership skills such as: identifying leadership strengths and skills, approaches for leadership, building trust, values and motivators, effective communications, giving and receiving feedback, fostering collaboration, building academic teams, delegation and coaching, priority setting, time management, conflict resolution, career planning, strategic thinking, leading change, mentor skill development, meeting management, decision-making and problem solving. CFE also designs and helps identify outside resources for retreats and longer (e.g., multi-day) workshops and development programs.

Leadership Consulting and Advising Services

New Academic Leader and Team On-Boarding

CFE leadership staff can serve as a consultant with a new leader and leadership team to successfully on-board the leader and team as all begin to engage, share goals and build relationships.  The new leader on-boarding services engages the leader and faculty/staff in a dialogue that answers the following sample questions:

  • What does the leader need to know about us as a group?
  • What are the major challenges the leader and us will be facing over the next year?
  • What specific suggestions and recommendations do we have for meeting these challenges?
  • What information or actions do we most want from our new leader?


New Academic Leader and Team Formation: consultation and coaching to create a team/group charter that articulates goals, roles and operating guidelines; in addition offer faculty team/group development options and programs.

Consultations, co-designed with the leader and faculty group, will address leadership challenges and support the creation of a shared leadership vision and values—building a culture of leadership.



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