CFE Leadership Programs – Testimonials and Feedback

What Participants Say About Their Experience at Faculty Administrator Development Program (FADP)

  • Better understanding of how the university operates and who/what department to contact with questions
  • Offers various resources that are available to aid with administrative development
  • FADP is a good source of information and contacts
  • Great exposure to colleagues and campus resources and networking

Explore Leadership: Good to Great at Carolina

A collection of video interviews with faculty leaders whose accomplishments over several decades represent the highest level of positive impact on Carolina’s academic mission.

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leader-iconHow do you define academic leadership?

Let’s create a ‘leadership sketch board’ where we build into a story, your definitions, quotes and images into our UNC Academic Leadership Book. Add your perspective and enjoy the growing collection!

My thoughts on leadership….

Stefanie Panke, School of Government: To lead is to learn. 01/12/2017

Leadership is Service

Stefanie Panke, School of Government: What I learned at the School of Government is that great leaders are those who serve their community. 18/08/2017


Stefanie Panke, School of Government: Creativity is an important aspect of academic leadership. Creating new research questions, teaching techniques and collaboration opportunities are some of the things that academic leaders do. 21/07/2017


Leader Who Follow

Stefanie Panke, School of Government: The leaders in my field who I admire bring thoughtfulness to everyday interactions, talks, classrooms, learning designs and educational technology projects. They are considerate, kind, collegial, and able to follow others. 21/07/2017