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Directing research labs, chairing committees, serving as deans and department heads, and presiding over international scholarly organizations are some of the ways UNC-CH faculty members are called upon to lead both within the University and within the wider academic community.

[iconheading type=”h2″ color=”#403f3f”] New Leaders[/iconheading] beginning-leaders

New in a leadership role? Looking for guidance? New Leaders face unique challenges: While beginning their journey, they are expected to have the answers and provide help to others.

[iconheading type=”h2″ color=”#403f3f”] Experienced Leaders[/iconheading]


For experienced leaders, new challenges emerge.

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    Leadership Advanced Series Program 2018-19 (Open Enrollment)

    Experienced Academic Leaders (Open Enrollment) Sessions: Thursdays 11:30-2:00 PM (buffet lunch served); Lunch Available 11:30am; Session 12pm to 2pm 304 Wilson Library (bottom floor next to Music Library)   Leadership Advanced series is an open enrollment program for leaders with … Continued

[iconheading type=”h2″ color=”#403f3f”] Senior Leaders[/iconheading]


Seniority in leadership comes with a significant shift of roles and expectations.