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Helping Faculty Leaders Find and Do the Right Things for their Units

It’s said that whereas operations involves doing things right, strategy involves doing the right things.  But how does a leader discern what the right things are for his or her center, department, or program?  How does a leader engage others in the process of discovering the right strategy and then keep them engaged for successful implementation?

The FLC on Strategy and Leadership engages a select group of Carolina faculty leaders in a collaborative process of exploring these questions and discovering the answers for their units.  Participants meet monthly during the academic year for discussions of readings and videos, peer mentoring, and presentations by senior campus leaders.

The FLC is appropriate for faculty members who are in at least their second year as chairs of departments or directors of divisions, centers, programs, or institutes.  It features:

  • Ten monthly sessions
  • An equal balance between discussion or workshop and peer-mentoring formats
  • A semester focused on formulating strategy and a semester focused on implementation
  • The opportunity to build relationships with campus leaders from other disciplines
  • The opportunity to develop a portfolio of materials that can contribute to a strategic plan, self-study, case statement, or other useful document