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Giving Early-Career Faculty Members the Tools for Success

This program is not being offered in academic year 2015-16. Faculty members are not just teachers and researchers; they are also citizens of their department, school or college, and the university. Their success often correlates as much with their interpersonal and organizational skills as with their academic abilities.

The Seminar Series for Early-Career Faculty Professional Development is an opportunity for early-career faculty members to become more knowledgeable about key professional skills, including:

  • Understanding and leveraging the strengths of one’s personality
  • Managing time
  • Building relationships and coping with conflict
  • Understanding departmental culture
  • Planning for academic success

The program also helps early-career faculty members strengthen their network of support and build valuable interdisciplinary contacts across UNC.

The program is delivered in five interactive luncheon sessions spread out during the spring semester. Each session includes:

  • Short readings or other tasks requiring brief preparation
  • A presentation of key concepts and an interactive discussion about how to apply the main principles to the participant’s situation
  • An opportunity for participants to identify at least one practice or method that will help them move forward more effectively in their careers

For a complete description of each session and to register for the session that best fits your needs, visit the CFE’s events calendar for the second semester.