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One critical element of an effective mentor-mentee relationship is a shared understanding of what each person expects from the relationship. Frustration for both the mentor and mentee can arise from misunderstandings about expectations. Importantly, expectations change over time so frequent reflection and clear communication are needed to maintain a collaborative relationship. Completing an expectations worksheet together is a helpful strategy for aligning relationship expectations.

Resources for Aligning Expectations

The University of Georgia Graduate School provides guided worksheets for creating mentor-mentee compacts that support structured, successful mentoring relationships: Mentor-Mentee Worksheet #1Mentor-Mentee Compact  Worksheet #2. The University also supplies a Mentoring Agreement Template and a Mentoring Partnership Agreement worksheet.

The Association of American Medical Colleges provides an example of a compact between postdoctoral appointees and their mentors.

Additional Resources

The CFE curates a collection of mentoring resources for Carolina faculty mentors, mentees, and departments. They also provide helpful training, peer support groups, and consultations.

For questions or concerns, please contact the CFE or request an individual mentoring consultation.