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Movable Tables and Personal Marker Boards

Furniture and configuration

This design uses rectangular tables on casters with 2 chairs at each. Each table comes with two personal marker boards that can be used as shared writing surfaces or partitions during exams.

What works best in this classroom?

These classrooms are well-suited for courses, recitation sections, or labs where collaborative and cooperative learning methods are regularly used. The personal marker boards at each table are convenient tools for featuring and sharing student work, and can also be easily mounted as partitions on each table during exam administration. While the tables are easy to move, re-arranging them does require more time than the tablet-arm chairs on casters commonly used in flexible classrooms on campus. 

UNC classrooms using this design

  • 224 Phillips (seats 32)
  • 301 Woollen Gym (seats 40)

How can I schedule one of these classrooms?

Ask the scheduling officer for your academic unit to request a classroom through the University Registrar’s Scheduling Office.

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