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Research Training @ UNC-Chapel Hill is a new tool that faculty, students, postdocs, and staff can use to learn about what research-related trainings are offered on campus and to track their participation in research-related training they have completed. You will need to log in with your Onyen ID and password.


  • Search for research-related trainings: Under “Trainings Available,” all trainings in the system are presented in alphabetical order as the default. To refine this list, use either the drop-down “by Category” box to select a category, or enter key word(s) in the “by Keyword” box to search for trainings.
  • Register for events under a selected research-related training: When you have found the training of interest, click on it to take you to a window that provides a description of the training (if entered), and the contact person(s) for this training. If there are events you can register for under this training (NOTE: not all trainings in the system will have corresponding events for which you can register), you will see them under “Training Events.” Click on the training event of interest. This will take you directly to the event so you can register for it; follow the instructions in this system to complete your registration.
  • Track the research-related trainings you have completed: Under “My Trainings,” it will list any trainings you have completed, including a brief description, the source of the training, and when you have completed it. You have the option of accessing a transcript of your completed trainings.
  • Determine research-related trainings you might need or want to take: A tab on the top of the home page entitled, “RESEARCH TRAINING WIZARD” will take you to “Training Wizard Questions,” which has a series of yes/no questions reflecting different research interests. Based on your answers to these questions, other questions will be added to target the trainings you might be interested in taking. Once you have completed answering all questions, click the “View Your Suggested Trainings” button at the bottom of the page. The Research Training Wizard will then list a number of research-related trainings and let you know whether or not you already completed any of them.

Please email or call John Stephenson, Associate Director of the Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS), or 919-962-7820, with questions or feedback about the system, or to report any technical difficulties.