Summer Writing Group

May 3 – September 6

The Center for Faculty Excellence invites your participation in the 2019 CFE Summer Writing Group (SWG) Program from May 3 to September 6. Registration closed on April 30. This program brings together faculty members from all disciplines and career stages in small groups to spur writing productivity and foster cross-disciplinary connections. The SWG incorporates Special Topics Luncheons:

SWG Orientation Session – Peer Writing Groups as a Strategy for Improving Writing Productivity and Quality (May 3, 12:00pm)
Heidi Kim, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Suzanne Lye, Department of Classics
Darin Knapp, Center for Faculty Excellence

Developing a Habit of Writing (May 24, 12:00pm – 1:30pm)
Darin Knapp, Center for Faculty Excellence
Donita Robinson, Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies

We’ve all heard that a key to successful writing is to develop a habit of it: to engage in writing as a routine that is practiced regularly. In this workshop, we’ll consider development of a writing habit from theoretical and practical perspectives. Topics will include:

  • Why Develop a Habit of Writing?
  • Writing Habits of Contemporary and Historical Writers
  • Developing a Habit of Writing: What Can Psychology and Neurobiology Tell Us?
  • Developing a Habit of Writing: Barriers and Strategies for Overcoming Them
  • Creating Your Individualized Plan for Developing a Habit of Writing
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Writing With and Writing As an International Scholar (May 31, 12:00pm)
Gigi Taylor (The Writing Center)

Think Research Impact Before Publication (June 28, 12:00pm)
Jamie Conklin/Anne Gilliland, UNC Libraries

Publishing Your Work (July 26, 12:00pm)
Gary Beck Dallaghan, School of Medicine
John McLeod, Office of Scholarly Publishing Services

SWG 2019 Celebration – Writers Share Successes and Challenges (September 6, 12:00pm)