Summer Writing Group

May 3 – September 6

The Center for Faculty Excellence invites your participation in the 2019 CFE Summer Writing Group (SWG) Program from May 3 to September 6. Registration closed on April 30. This program brings together faculty members from all disciplines and career stages in small groups to spur writing productivity and foster cross-disciplinary connections. The SWG incorporates Special Topics Luncheons:

SWG Orientation Session – Peer Writing Groups as a Strategy for Improving Writing Productivity and Quality (May 3, 12:00pm)
Heidi Kim, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Suzanne Lye, Department of Classics
Darin Knapp, Center for Faculty Excellence

Developing a Habit of Writing (May 24, 12:00pm – 1:30pm)
Darin Knapp, Center for Faculty Excellence
Donita Robinson, Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies

We’ve all heard that a key to successful writing is to develop a habit of it: to engage in writing as a routine that is practiced regularly. In this workshop, we’ll consider development of a writing habit from theoretical and practical perspectives. Topics will include:

  • Why Develop a Habit of Writing?
  • Writing Habits of Contemporary and Historical Writers
  • Developing a Habit of Writing: What Can Psychology and Neurobiology Tell Us?
  • Developing a Habit of Writing: Barriers and Strategies for Overcoming Them
  • Creating Your Individualized Plan for Developing a Habit of Writing

Writing With and Writing As an International Scholar (May 31, 12:00pm)
Gigi Taylor (The Writing Center)

Are you collaborating with international scholars? Are you writing in English as an additional language? Join Writing Center Director, Kim Abels, and Senior English Language Specialist, Gigi Taylor, for this conversation about the challenges, opportunities, strategies, and resources for productive collaborative writing in multilingual collaborations.

Think Research Impact Before Publication (June 28, 12:00pm)
Jamie Conklin/Anne Gilliland, UNC Libraries

Publishing Your Work (July 26, 12:00pm)
Gary Beck Dallaghan, School of Medicine
John McLeod, Office of Scholarly Publishing Services

SWG 2019 Celebration – Writers Share Successes and Challenges (September 6, 12:00pm)