Furniture and configuration

Soft casters make tablet arm seats easier to move. Seats swivel from right to left off center to encourage eye contact. Desktop surfaces are larger than most traditional tablet arm seats and can be adjusted to fit different student body types and preferences.

What works best in this classroom?

intclass-tabletchairs-thumbThis design facilitates movement between lecture, class discussion, and small group activities during a course or recitation section.  Re-arrangement of desks is easier and less noisy; most students do not need to get up out of the chairs in order to move them.  Book bag storage has emerged as an issue for some models and may be best addressed by encouraging students to hang book bags on the seat backs. The ease with which the seats can be moved may also help discourage Honor Code violations during in-class assessments.

“…what was nice for me is that they could get in their groups more efficiently and more quietly.”

“It is a lot easier [to do group activities]; you don’t have to pick them up or push them and have that annoying sound it makes.  I think my professor has more group activities now.”

UNC classrooms using this design

  • Bingham 108 (40 seats), Bingham 208 (25), Bingham 301, (40), Dey 201 (28), Dey 209 (25), Dey 302 (25), Dey 303A (25), Dey 306 (25), Genome Sciences Building 1374 (35), Mitchell 305 (19), Murphey 112 (35), and Woollen Gym 304 (50). h

How can I schedule one of these classrooms?

Ask the scheduling officer for your academic unit to request a classroom through the University Registrar’s Scheduling Office.

Learn more

Please contact Bob Henshaw ( if you have any questions about Lenovo instructional innovation grants and the details of this program.