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Fall 2021/Spring 2022 update

We plan to launch this program in Spring 2023. Check back here for more details and watch the CFE Newsletter for information. Contact Matthew Belskie for more details.


The Faculty Peer Visits Program provides UNC-CH faculty members with an opportunity to see peers representing a variety of disciplines implementing interactive methods in a live classroom setting. Whether you are an instructor who has been using interactive methods for years or are trying to get ready to teach your first large class, you are likely to benefit from the visits by getting new ideas for effective practice and reflecting on your own practice.

The program is a collaboration between the Center for Faculty Excellence and the Office of Instructional Innovation.

When you go…

Go with an open mind. Most of the faculty members who have agreed to share their classrooms with peers have been using interactive methods for several years in ways that work for them. You may leave a class visit with very different ideas about how you would use and implement a particular activity or technique in your own course.

Go with a friend. In an ideal world, you would meet with the instructor teaching the class before and after the visit to discuss the course, your experience, and your questions. Due to busy schedules these conversations may not be possible. As an alternative we encourage you to invite a colleague to visit the class with you. This shared experience will provide you with a richer opportunity to discuss your observations. CFE staff members who are familiar with these courses will also follow up with you.

Go with a peer observation form. We suggest you print out one or both of the peer visitation forms designed to help make you more aware of instructional decisions during your visit. You can use them to familiarize yourself with interactive methods or to take notes.
Note: Visits undertaken as part of this program have no bearing on the tenure and promotion of participating instructors.

Peer Visits Suggested Guidelines
Peer Visits Suggested Guidelines
Methods Based Peer Visit Form
Methods Based Peer Visit Form
Time Based Peer Visit Form
Time Based Peer Visit Form







Go down after class and say “Hello”. If you have time, and the line of students waiting to talk to the instructor is not too long, take a minute to introduce yourself. All of the participants appreciate meeting other faculty members who are interested, and you may also have an opportunity to follow up with a question or two.

We’re Recruiting!

Are you open to having other faculty members visit one of your classes? Please contact Kelly Hogan, Director of Instructional Innovation for the College of Arts and Sciences, or email us at if you are interested.

If you would like to see a list of courses that have been available in the past please click the button below: