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CFE staff can consult with you on your options for designing, recording, and delivering course videos, or refer you to the appropriate support organization on campus.

  • Panopto: Panopto has replaced Warpwire as the University’s centrally-supported video management platform. Panopto is similar to YouTube, but securely housed within your University account or course Sakai site. It allows you and your students to record or upload video and audio for streaming online. Videos may be private, available only to prescribed groups such as your class, or open to the public. Instructors may view detailed analytics for who is watching and when. Panopto also supports in-video quizzes, student study tools, and other features for making your instructional videos more engaging. Learn more about Panopto and the transition from Warpwire at
  • Zoom: The University’s go-to web conferencing solution continues to be used for recording class sessions and other videos.
  • Voicethread:  Integrated into each of your Sakai sites, Voicethread allows you to post images, documents and videos, and then narrate, comment, and draw over presentations.
  • Adobe Premiere: Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud supported on campus, Premiere is professional-level video editing software.
  • Media Resources Center (MRC): Housed in the lower level of the Undergraduate Library, the MRC offers support for Adobe and other media editing software, A/V media lab services, equipment check-out, video transfer services, and instructional support for faculty and students.

Third-party Applications (not supported by University)

  • Camtasia Video Recorded/Editor: With Camtasia, you may record a screen capture, narrate over a PowerPoint presentation as well as edit and produce your videos for online delivery all on your PC.
  • Explain Everything: This application is an affordable, easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard app that lets you animate, record, and annotate your video presentations.
  • Audacity: Audacity® is free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing.