UNC’s General Purpose Classrooms (GPC’s) are equipped to handle a wide array of your instructional needs. Along with a classroom computer, projector and document viewer, each classroom hosts a number of specialty applications.

  • Mirroring 360: This tool allows instructors to mirror their iPads or other tablet devices wirelessly on the classroom computer/projector. Visit https://www.mirroring360.com/ for more information.
  • Splashtop: With this tool you may control the classroom computer wirelessly using your iPad or other tablet. Visit https://www.splashtop.com/downloads for more information.
  • Classroom HOTLINE: Schedule a tour of Carolina’s classroom technologies and get classroom support. For more information visit https://its.unc.edu/service/classroom-hotline/.
  • Skype: Live video conferencing software is standard in all classroom computer set-ups
  • Exam Scanning: Exam Scanning provides a computerized scoring and analysis service for true/false and multiple-choice tests, based on the NCS “General Purpose Answer Sheet”. This service is available for any course offered through the Office of the University Registrar and can release student grades via the ONYEN page once the instructor has given permission. Their offices are located inside the Classroom Hotline, Peabody 08.
  • Active Learning Classrooms on campus