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UNC’s centrally-supported classrooms, also known as General Purpose Classrooms (GPCs), are equipped to handle a wide array of your instructional needs. All GPCs are outfitted with digital projection, an in-room computer, a document camera, a Blueray/DVD player, and speakers. You will also know these classrooms by the red phone that instructors use to contact the ITS Classroom Hotline for assistance. If you are teaching in a classroom supported by an academic unit, contact that unit’s IT support team for more information about the classroom technology.

  • ITS Classroom HOTLINE: Managed by the team that supports all GPCs, visit this site to learn more about a classroom you are scheduled to teach in, or schedule a classroom demonstration.
  • Flexible/active learning classrooms on campus: Nearly a third of GPCs have been outfitted with mobile furniture and additional whiteboards to facilitate student interaction and mixed instructional methods. Use the Classroom Hotline search page to identify and learn more about these classrooms.
  • HyFlex classrooms: Designed to facilitate interaction between in-person and remote participants (e.g. remote students, guest speakers), these classrooms are outfitted with ceiling microphones and additional cameras. Use the Classroom Hotline search page to identify and learn more about these classrooms.
  • UNC Check-in App: The app uses Bluetooth to facilitate attendance-taking in a all GPCs.
  • Zoom: This live video conferencing software is standard in all classroom computer set-ups, and sessions can be easily recorded.
  • Panopto: The University’s centrally-supported video creation and management platform is another option for recording class sessions.
  • Poll Everywhere: Software is installed on all classroom computers in GPCs that allows instructors to administer Poll Everywhere activities through Powerpoint.
  • Mirroring 360: This tool allows instructors to mirror their iPads or other tablet devices wirelessly on the classroom computer/projector. Visit for more information.
  • Splashtop: With this tool you may control the classroom computer wirelessly using your iPad or other tablet. Visit for more information.