Class response systems provide a way for you to quickly assess your students’ understanding of course subject matter, demonstrate important course concepts, and spur class discussion.
Presenter with polling slide in background

  • Poll Everywhere: This ITS-supported class response system allows students to participate using their own personal devices. The CFE offers free Poll Everywhere accounts for faculty members and graduate instructors listed as instructor of record.
  • iClicker: Students must purchase devices (available at the UNC Student Store) and iClicker provides instructors with free receivers; several UNC departments have adopted this brand; good fit for “lap-top and cellphone free” classes.
  • Sakai quizzes: Sakai’s quiz function offers a quick way to gauge student knowledge.
  • Exam Scanning: Exam Scanning provides a computerized scoring and analysis service for true/false and multiple-choice tests, based on the NCS “General Purpose Answer Sheet”. The Exam Scanning offices are located inside the Classroom Hotline, Peabody 08.