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Class polls and online quizzes can be effective ways to regularly and quickly assess your students’ understanding of course subject matter, demonstrate important course concepts, and spur class discussion.
Presenter with polling slide in background

  • Poll Everywhere: This ITS-supported class response system allows students to participate using their own personal devices. There is no cost to students. ITS Educational Technologies offers free Poll Everywhere instructor accounts for faculty members, graduate instructors, and teaching assistants.
  • iClicker, Turning: These are examples of other third-party polling solutions adopted by some departments on campus. Students usually purchase devices or accounts, while instructor accounts tend to be provided by the vendor at no cost.
  • Zoom: Zoom includes a simple polling function that is limited to multiple choice question types.
  • Sakai quizzes and Canvas quizzes offer a powerful tool for creating a wide range of online assessment types.
  • Panopto: The University’s video management platform makes it possible for instructors to insert simple quizzes within videos.