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Distinguished Teaching Awards for Post-Baccalaureate Instruction

Sarah Dempsey, Department of Communication
Casey Rawson, School of Information and Library Science
Amanda Reid, Hussman School of Journalism
Erianne A. Weight, Exercise and Sports Science

Wendy Clark, School of Dentistry
Susan Coppola, School of Medicine
Jo Ellen Rodgers, School of Pharmacy
Matthew Springer, School of Education

Jocelyn Glazier
Alexa Chew
M. Theresa Palmer
Beth Sheba Posner

Eileen Burker, Department of Allied Health Sciences
Kenya McNeal-Trice, Department of Pediatrics
Martinette Horner, School of Education
Mina Hosseinipour, Department of Medicine

Don Baucom, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Sharon Holland, Department of American Studies
David Lawrence, Department of Chemistry
Victoria Rovine, Department of Art & Art History

María DeGuzmán, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Donna Gilleskie, Department of Economics
Bernard Herman, Department of American Studies
Ram Neta, Department of Philosophy

Regina Carelli, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Jane Danielewicz, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Deborah Gerhardt, School of Law
Chérie Rivers Ndaliko, Department of Music

Brian Rayala, Family Medicine
Marilyn Ghezzi, School of Social Work
Jaime Arguello, School of Information and Library Science
Gavin Smith, City and Regional Planning

Michael Jay, School of Pharmacy
Daniel Bauer, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Jonathan Juliano, School of Medicine
Marc Lange, Department of Philosophy

Bernard Boxill, Philosophy
Julie Byerley, Pediatrics
Eric Downing, Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures
Susan Ennett, Health Behavior

Sue Estroff, Department of Social Medicine
Charles Evans, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Matthew Howard, School of Social Work
Allen Samuelson, Department of Dental Ecology

Pamela Cooper, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Russell Mumper, School of Pharmacy
Eliza Richards, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Anthony Viera, Department of Family Medicine

Oswaldo Estrada, Romance Languages
Jon Hacke, Allied Health Sciences – Physical Therapy
Carole Blair, Communication Studies
Randall Styers, Religious Studies

Melissa Miller, School of Education
John Paul, Gillings School of Global Public Health
Gregory Flaxman, English & Comparative Literature
Alan Nelson, Philosophy

Shenyang Guo, School of Social Work
Thomas Hill, Philosophy
Edward Kernick, School of Medicine
Robert MacCallum, Psychology

Kenneth Bollen, Sociology
William C. Miller, School of Medicine
David Penn, Psychology
Keith Simmons, Philosophy

Hiroshi Motomura, School of Law
Della Pollock, Department of Communication Studies
Stephen J. Walsh, Department of Geography
Ray C. Williams, School of Dentistry

John Grose, School of Medicine
Lawrence Grossberg, Department of Communication Studies
Mark Hollins, Department of Psychology
Edmund Allen Liles, School of Medicine

Robert Bushman, Kenan Flagler Business School
Iris B. Carlton-LaNey, Social Work
Arturo Escobar, Anthropology
Carol Mavor, Art

Joseph Eron, Jr., Medicine
David Leith, Environmental Sciences & Engineering
Gerald Postema, Philosophy
Mary Sheriff, Art

James E. Faber, Cell and Molecular Physiology
David Guilkey, Economics
Philip Gura, English
Evelyne H. Huber, Political Science

Debashis Aikat, Journalism and Mass Communication
Barbara Entwisle, Sociology
Ken Hillis, Communication Studies
Glenn Hinson, Anthropology

William G. Lycan, Philosophy
John P. McGowan, English
David L. McIlwain, Cell and Molecular Physiology
Donald J. Raleigh, History

John C. Boger, Law
Jeffrey R. Edwards, Business
Erika C. Lindemann, English
Florence G. Soltys, Social Work

Judith B. Farquhar, Anthropology
Catherine Nielson, Allied Health Sciences
John V. Orth, Law
Marc Zenner, Business

Keith W. T.  Burridge, Cell Biology and Anatomy
David R. Godschalk, City and Regional Planning
Donald T. Hornstein, Law
Jerry D. Saye, Information and Library Science

Jaroslav Folda, Art
Thomas Hill, Philosophy
Nancy Raab-Traub, Microbiology and Immunology
John T. Wells, Marine Sciences

Jacquelyn D. Hall, History
Bonnie Rogers, Public Health Nursing
William F. Vann, Pediatric Dentistry
Linda Wagner-Martin, English

Stuart H. Gold, Medicine
Edward J. Kaiser, City and Regional Planning
Kathleen A. Rounds, Social Work
Lawrence L. Kupper, Biostatistics and Public Health

Elizabeth Crais, Medical Allied Health Professions
Jennifer D’Auria, Nursing
Henri Servaes, Business
William Ware, Education