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CFE Summer Writing Groups


Since 2013, the CFE has offered the Summer Writing Group program (SWG) to faculty interested in focusing on writing over the summer months. This popular program brings together faculty members from all disciplines and career stages in small groups to spur writing productivity and foster cross-disciplinary connections. Benefits include peer support, writing resources, workshops, write-in sessions, and direct support for groups and participants to best meet their needs. The program provides resources on running successful writing groups, reducing obstacles to writing productivity, increasing impact, publishing, and more. The CFE SWG has enabled faculty to complete hundreds of writing projects. We invite you to join the more than 500 faculty who have benefitted from a CFE Summer Writing Group.


Summer Writing Group Program Impacts

“I can’t tell you how many days I went into my check in meeting feeling deflated and came out with inspiration and directives.” – Summer Writing Group Participant

Kelly Hogan (Biology) and Viji Sathy (Psychology and Neuroscience) used their SWG experience to write their forthcoming book Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Promoting Equity in the College Classroom, which will be published this summer.


“I loved my writing group and the connections we forged and will continue…” – Summer Writing Group Participant

Anna Agbe-Davies

Anna Agbe-Davies (Anthropology) joined a Summer Writing Group to prepare a Fulbright Scholars application, leading to selection as a 2019-20 Fulbright Roving Scholar of American Studies in Norway.

“Getting feedback from colleagues in a range of disciplines was essential to crafting a proposal that conveyed what I teach—and why it matters—to reviewers outside my field.”

Anna Agbe-Davies


2019-2020 Fulbright Roving Scholar of American Studies, Norway

“…one of the best things that I did during [a] very difficult period.” – Summer Writing Group Participant


How the SWG Program Works

The CFE Summer Writing Group program matches participants with others who share similar interests, writing projects, and/or goals. All it takes is completing a brief survey to indicate your interest. The group size ranges from 4-8 participants. We have found that the most productive groups follow the plan below.

Group members meet each other at the SWG Orientation/Kickoff in May.
At Orientation, groups are provided resources to get started.
Groups meet regularly throughout the summer, from May through August. Some groups choose to continue to work together. Groups decide when, how often, and where to meet.
Group time is spent in many ways—writing together, discussing work, reviewing work, taking a break from writing, and overall, supporting each other.
The CFE reaches out regularly to provide resources, offer workshops, and host on-site and virtual writing events.

At the end of the summer, groups will celebrate their time together. We ask that participants complete a final survey to provide feedback on their writing productivity, the program, and ideas for supporting faculty writing pursuits.


Join a CFE Summer Writing Group

Applications are open for the 2024 Summer Writing Group Program! Submit your application by Wednesday, April 24.

2024 Summer Writing Group Program Application