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Share Your Expertise

The CFE provides faculty with opportunities to share best practices, innovation, tried and true approaches, teaching techniques, outcomes and results, and scholarly reflection of teaching and learning on campus and within the broader academic community.

Pandemic Teaching Field Notes

Share a tip with your colleagues about what’s working in your in-person, remote, or hybrid classes—and get some great advice from other UNC instructors.

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Putting Teaching Improvements to Work!

The CFE is expanding its support for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). SoTL represents a systematic, evidence-based approach to improving teaching and learning. With proper planning, UNC faculty members who are taking steps to improve student learning can collect data to help gauge the effectiveness of the changes they are making. In addition to providing useful feedback on teaching methods, such findings are also being used as a foundation for published articles, conference presentations, and to help bolster professional vitae.

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Faculty Peer Visits Program

The Faculty Peer Visits Program provides UNC-CH faculty members with an opportunity to see peers representing a variety of disciplines implementing interactive methods in a live classroom setting. Whether you are an instructor who has been using interactive methods for years or are trying to get ready to teach your first large class, you are likely to benefit from the visits by getting new ideas for effective practice and reflecting on your own practice.

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Faculty Learning Community (SoTL FLC)

The growing number of faculty members interested in sharing the results of their work in the classroom represent the movement known as the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). This work is based on methodologies that offer some evidence about the impact of the intervention on student learning experiences and outcomes.

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