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fulbright1Inside and outside of the classroom, Carolina faculty are using many different communication and instructional technologies; some tried-and-true, others on the cutting edge. CFE staff work with faculty searching for the right match between the goals they set for students and the strategies and tools that can best support those goals.



Audio/video creation and delivery: CFE is here to help you navigate the many options for designing, recording, and delivering course videos as well as help you decide the best software and hardware choices for your project.  

Polling and low-stakes assessment toolsClassroom response systems provide a way for you to quickly assess your students’ understanding of course subject matter, demonstrate important course concepts, and spur class discussion.

Classroom technologiesUNC General Purpose Classrooms (GPCs) are equipped to handle a wide array of your instructional needs. Along with a classroom computer, projector, and document viewer, each classroom hosts a number of specialty applications. ITS Classroom Hotline also supports exam scanning.

Sakai Learning Management System (LMS)Sakai provides a flexible and feature-rich environment for teaching, learning, research, and other collaboration. Supported uses include UNC-Chapel Hill courses and academic and administrative projects.  

Office 365: Along with the standard Office Suite, Office 365 provides real-time, online document collaboration, Skype for business, and several ways to organize shared work spaces.

Adobe Creative SuiteThis cloud-based suite includes Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, as well as many other tools. Creative Cloud is free for students and for faculty/staff instructional purposes.

Website design and hostingA website may be the perfect solution for projects that need a continuing online home. Unlike semester-to-semester Sakai sites, websites can provide a platform for student contributions year after year. Additionally, you may house your teaching materials or projects online. 

Survey software: Find information about survey software available at Carolina.

IT Support and Training: Includes a list of campus organizations that provide a wide range of technology support services.

Ideas for inclement weatherDon’t get snowed under! Use Sakai tools to hold class online and deliver class materials. Inclement weather can wreak havoc on a full syllabus. Take advantage of the tools in Sakai to keep your class on track. 

Augmented and Virtual Realities: UNC Libraries are happy to provide students, staff, and faculty access to Virtual Reality (VR) hardware and software!


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