Academic Leaders

Teaching and facilitating learning with students, directing research labs, chairing committees, presiding over international scholarly organizations and serving as deans, chairs and associates are some of the ways UNC-CH faculty members are called to lead both within the University and within the wider academic community.

Faculty Leaders

The Center for Faculty Excellence helps faculty members and academic leaders develop the knowledge and skills needed to successfully carry out their leadership and organizational responsibilities at various stages of their career.

Strategy and Approach

The CFE vision aims to create a continuous and deliberate ‘culture for leadership’ where all faculty and academic leaders model, mentor and motivate students, colleagues, leaders and other key collaborators to lead with passion, collaboration and shared commitment to our mission and values. Our vision for our community is to be known and recognized as an innovator for leadership development in the higher education community.

Leadership Programs

The CFE organizes faculty learning communities, series on leadership and management skills, and much more. Read More ›

leader-iconHow Do You Define Academic Leadership?

Let’s create a ‘leadership sketch board’ where we build into a story, your definitions, quotes and images into our UNC Academic Leadership Book. Add your perspective and enjoy the growing collection!

Continuous Leadership Learning Resources

Explore our curated collection of learning material, as well as UNC internal and external resources. Read More ›

Leadership Development Plan

Leadership development is a lifetime learning journey. Leaders take their steps for learning using various opportunities by creating a tailored, individual leadership development plan. This plan enables the leader to focus on what is most important. Read More ›

Consultation and Customized Programs

CFE provides a variety of consultation services for academic leaders and their faculty units. Read More ›