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Think-Pair-Share: Effective Implementation Techniques


From the Carolina Teaching and Learning Colloquium (CTLC) Series Think-pair-share is a powerful engagement strategy that combines questions posed by an instructor with simultaneous, whole-class, student-to-student discussions. For many instructors, this is the first active learning technique they adopt. In … Read more

Think Research Impact Before Publication: Tips and Tools


Bring your laptops and abstracts/topics for this practical and impactful Summer Writing Group Special Topics Session, where we partner with Jamie Conklin and Anne Gilliland from UNC Libraries to help you navigate the many decisions you must make around publishing … Read more

Publishing Your Work


So you have produced (or want to produce) a work for publication, such as a book or journal article. Now what? Join fellow faculty and staff for this Summer Writing Group Special Topics Session to discuss the process of engaging … Read more

Initiating and Funding a Research Project


Are you a faculty member looking to start a new research project? From demystifying grant review processes, building agency relationships and research collaborations, and connecting with other research support services, this session provides a timely introduction to research proposal development … Read more

Working With Animals at UNC-Chapel Hill

In this session, the UNC Office of Animal Care and Use will explain the animal care application process. New faculty and those who are new to animal work will learn where to find the necessary resources to get started with … Read more

Introduction to the Odum Institute and Its Services


Engaging the best consultation on research design, data analysis, and data management at the right time can mean the difference in securing funding and publishing your research. In this session, Odum staff provide a virtual introduction to their Institute and … Read more