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While campus operations remain impacted by the University’s COVID-19 response, please submit all requests for consultations via the Keep Teaching online form. You will be able to request either a 15-minute or 45-minute consultation session conducted via Zoom with professional staff from the CFE as well as the Carolina Office for Online Learning, ITS Educational Technologies, OASIS, and instructional designers working across the UNC campus.

Request a Consultation

One-on-One Engagement with Faculty Members about Teaching

Through individual consultations, CFE staff engages directly with faculty members about the challenges they encounter in individual courses or in their overall development as teachers.

A key task in teaching is aligning course goals, and learning objectives, assignments, or activities to assessment. Each discipline approaches this alignment in unique ways. We focus on the following questions:

  • How do your course goals, curricula goals, and disciplinary goals interrelate in your course?
  • What do you want students to remember in one year, five years, or twenty years?
  • How do you know your students are learning?
  • Do your assessment strategies assess student performance?
  • What will your Teaching Statement say about how you align your assessment of students with the learning goals you have for a course?

Faculty members consult us when they:

  • Draft a Teaching Statement for promotion or tenure
  • Design a new course or redesign a current course
  • Try to make sense of their students’ course evaluations
  • Need ideas about how best to assess student learning
  • Experiment with an instructional technology, such as polling or student group work
  • Want to try out a new pedagogical approach and need help tailoring it to their teaching style and discipline