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Active Learning Hall – Carroll 111

Seat count: 210

Furniture and configuration

A middle ramp divides the room’s three tiers into six student learning zones. Each of the learning zones is outfitted with tables of four and two LCD monitors on the side wall. Each table is equipped with power for student devices and four personal whiteboards and markers. Dedicated aisle space throughout the room facilitates instructor interaction with students.

Classroom technology

In addition to the standard AV features found in other ITS-supported classrooms, Carroll 111 is also outfitted with a Wacom display and digital pen at the front of the classroom for annotating slides and other digital content and wireless options for students and instructor to share content wirelessly via their laptops, tablets, or phones. Instructors also have access to six CatchBox throw mics for capturing student voices during discussion. Point-Tilt-Zoom cameras are installed to facilitate classroom recording.

What works best in this classroom?

                                                                                      J. Gardiner

                                                                               L Sahl

The room is designed so that instructors or teaching assistants can easily interact directly with any individual student or group in the classroom. The tables and front and side displays allow students to view course content and still maintain eye contact with group members, making transitions between lecture, small group work, and full class discussion seamless. This classroom is especially suited to courses that make regular use of small group activities, as students sitting at each table will expect to interact. Because students all have different sight lines (depending on where they are sitting), instructors are encouraged to filter throughout the room as much as possible.


As part of the Spring 2022 pilot for newly renovated Carroll 111, twelve instructors and more than 500 students from five courses were surveyed at the end of the semester. Students reported being more engaged, valued regular collaboration with peers, and appreciated the additional screens. Adjustments for students included not seeing the instructor at all times and sight lines for displays.

Instructors appreciated the ability to access and interact directly with all students, the level of student engagement, and the fact that the room layout made it easier for them to try new techniques.

Instructor comments:

“This classroom provided opportunities to try new strategies and activities that aren’t possible in a traditional classroom, which helped me be more student-centered, more creative, and more engaging.”

Students in this classroom are more engaged and invested in their learning. They develop a sense of community throughout the semester and feel connected while also having the safety of their support group at their tables. I felt more connected to my students than I have ever felt.

“It’s changed how I teach in my other classes, too, because it’s helped me develop a larger toolkit for teaching. I had so much fun teaching in this space!”

How can I schedule this classroom?

Contact Bob Henshaw at if you are interested in teaching a course in Carroll 111.

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