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Furniture and configuration

A middle ramp divides the room’s three tiers into six student learning zones. Each of the learning zones is populated with tablet-arm seats on casters. Dedicated aisle space throughout the room facilitates instructor interaction with students.

What works best in this classroom?


The room is designed so that instructors can interact directly with any individual student or group in the classroom. The movable furniture and front and side displays allow students to view course content and still maintain eye contact with group members, making formal transitions between lecture, small group work, and class discussion unnecessary. Instructors have lots of flexibility for grouping students; groups of 2-6 students are commonly used, and some faculty members have students form one large circle within each zone. Each learning zone has a whiteboard and its own display monitor that students can plug into with their own devices. Some faculty members are using the room for simulations and other large-scale interactive group activities.

“Student engagement improved – they aren’t just staring at the front screen. They’re looking at the individual speaking, they’re speaking with each other, they’re collaborating. All these are essential for them to learn what they need to function post-graduation.”

“I like the new space. I have now taught in both configurations and consider the new one a great improvement. Much more intimate and with greater connection to the students.”

UNC classrooms using this design

  • 101 Greenlaw (seats 100)

How can I schedule this classroom?

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