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Classrooms with Fixed Tables

Furniture and configuration

This design uses round or square tables with 5-9 moveable chairs at each. Among the studio classrooms at Carolina, some have tables wired for electricity and network access and some do not. The tables that do tend to be fixed to the floor.

What works best in this classroom?

intclass-studio-thumb (1)These classrooms, sometimes referred to as studio classrooms, are particularly well-suited for courses, recitation sections, or labs where collaborative and cooperative learning methods are regularly used.  Instructor interaction with students is usually important and so tables are configured to facilitate movement throughout the room. Lecture in larger studio classrooms is best accommodated through the use of projection options on multiple walls in the room.

“I really enjoy teaching in studio-style classrooms. I get to know all of my students quickly and they are comfortable talking with me. Also, it is easier to see when the students are struggling and I can intervene sooner than I would in a traditional classroom.”

UNC classrooms using this design

  • 206 Phillips (seats 45), 208 Phillips (seats 45), Phillips 275 (seats 54), 335 Phillips (seats 72), 202 Murphey (seats 23)

How can I schedule one of these classrooms?

Ask the scheduling officer for your academic unit to request a classroom through the University Registrar’s Scheduling Office.

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