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How well do your students understand the information presented in lectures and course readings? What misconceptions do they have about core concepts? How many of your students actually get an opportunity to participate during class? In-class engagement and participation options can be especially challenging in larger courses. Classroom response systems provide a way for you to quickly assess your students’ understanding of course subject matter, demonstrate important course concepts, and spur class discussion.

Some class response systems use third-party devices known as clickers, while others, such as Poll Everywhere, allow students to use their cell phones, smart phones, or laptops at no cost. ITS Educational Technologies offers free Poll Everywhere accounts for faculty members and graduate instructors in support of student learning. For information on how to request an account and get started with Poll Everywhere, visit

Resources to help you plan your use of Poll Everywhere:

Why use polling in your course? (Center for Faculty Excellence)
Best practices for using Poll Everywhere (Center for Faculty Excellence)
Poll Everywhere FAQ (Information Technology Services)
Primer on class response systems
(Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching)

Poll Everywhere at UNC

Students can respond using Basic cellphone texting, smart phones, laptops, and other mobile devices
Requires wireless internet access or cell phone reception Yes
Cost to students None
Cost to instructors CFE offers free “pro” licenses that faculty and graduate instructors may apply to use.
Can present multiple-choice questions Yes
Can present short-answer questions Yes, 160 character maximum response length
Can create clickable image questions (browser only) Yes
Can correlate results across more than one poll (segmentation) Yes
Can have student rank response options (browser only) Yes
Allows for anonymous responses Yes
Create questions using Web interface
Polls integrate easily with Powerpoint and Keynote Yes
Transfer Poll Everywhere scores directly to Sakai or Canvas gradebook Yes
Supported by ITS Educational Technologies and CFE


For more information about using response systems in a course you teach, contact Bob Henshaw (