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Interested in Inclusive Teaching Tips? Learn how Kelly Hogan and Viji Sathy structure their  classrooms to promote student success

SOTL, Professional Exploration and Growth, and Research Communication Grants

CFE Course Design Institute applications are due by November 20th in order to be considered for the December 2017 cohort

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Interactive Classrooms

The CFE is working with campus partners to transform Carolina classrooms into interactive learning spaces. Read More >

Early Career Faculty Development

The first years of a faculty career pose unique challenges. Our Seminar Series for Early Career Faculty Development provides the tools for success. Read More >

Classroom Technologies

The CFE can help instructors at Carolina make wise decisions about using (or not using) technology in teaching. Read More >

CFE 100+ Grants Program

The CFE’s 100+ Grants Program supports faculty members who are turning their large-enrollment courses into sites of active and engaged learning.
Read More >