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The coronavirus pandemic continues to have unprecedented impacts on our daily lives. As part of our efforts to catalyze a culture equitable and effective mentoring for faculty across campus, TEAM ADVANCE has compiled information about the impacts of COVID-19 broadly, and especially on women in academia, as well as resources for continuing to mentor faculty through the pandemic. We share these materials to support both faculty and our campus and departmental leadership during these challenging times.

Pandemic Impacts

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted university staff and faculty members, graduate students, and, subsequently, research productivity. The following articles highlight the experiences academics have faced during the pandemic such as burnout, lab shutdowns, and concerns about degree completion.

Gendered Impacts of COVID-19

Although the coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone, gender inequities have become increasingly evident and exacerbated during this time. Many women in academia face growing childcare responsibilities and challenges related to research productivity, tenure and promotion. The articles below highlight the struggles women in academia currently face during the pandemic and potential solutions to these gendered problems.

Mental Health Resources

According to the CDC, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a mental health crisis as people struggle with anxiety, depression, and isolation. Below are resources to share concerning mental health and wellness.

Advice for Mentoring During a Pandemic

Mentoring has become crucial for researchers, faculty members, and graduate students during the coronavirus pandemic. The following articles discuss the importance of mentorship during COVID-19 and offer resources for effectively mentoring in remote work environments.

Supporting Faculty

Faculty members face unique challenges during the coronavirus pandemic, such as increased teaching obligations, decreased research productivity, and a re-evaluation of their career goals. The articles below feature researchers who offer advice on how to support faculty members during this time.

Advice for Ensuring Institutional Equity

The coronavirus pandemic will continue to impact faculty experiences, careers, and trajectories for many years, particularly faculty who experience intersectional inequalities, such as women of color. Below are resources for institutional approaches that can be taken to ensure equitable approaches to supporting faculty during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Compiled by Dr. Kia Caldwell, Co-Principal Investigator and Special Assistant to the Provost for TEAM ADVANCE, and Brionca Taylor, TEAM ADVANCE Graduate Student Program Assistant. Last Updated November 19, 2020.